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1272% APR Representative
Representative Example:
Borrow £300 for 90 days. Interest of £154.23, total repayment of £454.23
Annual interest 292% (variable), Representative 1272% APR
80p per day for each £100
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UK Payday Today is not a lender but is a licensed credit brokerage business which effects introductions between borrowers and lenders for the purpose of entering into short-term unsecured loan agreements.

Understanding the Loan Process

As an experienced UK loan broker, we are dedicated to your satisfaction and want you to understand the loan process and financial implications. Working with one of the UK's largest lender networks we've been successful in finding loans for many hard-working customers. Fees, interest and APR will vary by lender. In addition to interest on the principal loan amount, some lenders will charge fees which are explained in your loan agreement and are sometimes optional.

We urge you to please borrow only what you can afford to repay on the agreed date, your loan will be automatically deposited and debited from the same account, many lenders will automatically apply the additional fees and interest to your loan if they are unable to collect the full amount on the agreed date(s).

Loan Extension and Renewal Policy

Depending on the loan term you choose and lender you are matched with, your loan may be due in one payment or several payments over 2-18 months. Short-term loans are not a long-term solution to financial problems or debt, rather used to satisfy immediate cash needs to cover such emergencies as bills, car or medical expenses, etc.

Please be sure to read your loan agreement before signing so you're clear on the due date, many lenders will automatically freeze your interest and contact you to set up a payment plan if they are unable to collect the amount due on the due date. Loan extensions, rollovers and renewals will almost always result in additional fees and interest. We urge you to please read and understand your loan agreement before signing as policy on extensions and renewals varies by lender, if you have any questions please inquire with your lender before accepting the loan.

Collections Process

All of our lenders are online and just as payment is automatically deposited into your account by your lender, they will also automatically debit you for the full amount due(principle loan amount, interest, fees) on the agreed repayment date(s). The total amount due is debited from your debit card or, in some cases, directly from your bank account. We only work with fully licensed and compliant lenders and all are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority who have set rules regarding collections.

Implications of Non-payment

The most important part of the loan process is understanding when your loan is due and how much will be debited from your account. This information will be very clearly stated in the loan agreement.

If you are not going to be able to pay back the full loan plus interest on the agreed date(s) you must contact your lender to agree on a payment plan that will freeze interest and fees and allow you to repay back your loan in affordable instalments without accruing additional fees and interest. Please do this before your loan is due.

Our lenders will attempt to collect the full amount due on the agreed date(s), if you do not have ample funds in your account this debit may result in Non-sufficient Fund(NSF)charges. The amount of these charges will vary by your bank. To avoid these fees, it's always best to contact your lender if you think you'll be unable to repay your loan in full so you can agree on a payment plan with your lender and avoid the extra fees, interest and potential bank charges.

Going delinquent on your loan(not repaying) will have long lasting implications on your credit as your lender will notify Credit Reference Agencies(CRAs) of the delinquency which will have a negative impact on your credit score and make accessing credit more difficult in the future. The Credit Reference Agencies may share this information with other CRAs and Fraud Prevention Agencies and it will stay on your credit profile for several years.

Finally, if your loan goes unpaid, your lender may employ a Collection Agency who will take action in order to collect the amount due. This can include visits to your residence if they are unable to get in touch with you via phone or email. The Financial Conduct Authority regulates lenders and collection agencies and they are required to uphold industry best practices which restrict them from threatening or harassing you although they will follow up until an agreement is arranged.

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